What's a sweepstake ?

A sweepstake is an advertising operation organized by a brand in order to promote a new product, the brand itself or any other service.

This operation generally consists in offering to win one or more prizes by simply leaving your contact information and possibly answering some questions. At a given date, a draw is held to determine the winners. Most of the time, you will then receive your prize at home after having confirmed your details with the organizer.

It is free ?

Yes !
We only offer sweepstakes that are 100% free. If you ever receive an email or a call asking you to pay something to get your prize, it’s a scam and it’s coming from us or our partners!

Is there real winners ?

Yes, we are very careful to select only contest organizers who respect Internet users and do not rig contests.

Do the answers to the survey increase my chances of winning?

No! Never. Just fill in the necessary contact information to have a chance to win.