Could this new reward program really earn you $750 worth of SHEIN items?

Honestly, we were skeptical... so we tested it for you.

Yes, you read that right.

A reward program could give you up to $750 to spend at SHEIN.

To check if this was true, we studied what their users were saying about them on Trustpilot, a platform well known for having only verified reviews.

And surprise: 

62% of their reviews are 5-star reviews, for an average of 4.1.

However, reading their reviews more carefully, we realized that…

…Most people have won tens, if not hundreds of dollars in gift cards for their favorite brand as you can read in the next exemples.

Britt, who was awarded $750, and who highly recommends this program:
Brianne who was skeptical at first but ended up getting a $500 gift card:
Or this anonymous user who earned his $100 Amazon gift card:

And the best part?

Getting that $750 would require no experience

Genuinely, you only need to be over 18 years old and have several hours to spend in front of the TV or your favorite Netflix series to see your winnings balance rise to over $750.

We’ve put together this summary chart to give you an idea of how much time you need to spend to reach the $750: 

You must reach level 20 to earn the $750

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a computer genius to get there.

Just follow the instructions they give you to get to the end!

And if you get tired of it, you can even stop at level 5 and leave with your $100.

Just imagine for a moment what $750 worth of SHEIN items represents...

… That’s $750 that would allow you to : 

  • Treat yourself by testing their products,
  • Make a very big gift to your loved ones,
  • Or even save the equivalent on your rent!

Enough to make a lot of people smile again!

Damn, do we really realize what $750 is offered for free?

This is huge!

So what is this rewards program?

Its name: Flash Rewards.

It has allowed +100.000 people to generate + $12 Million dollars, since 2016.

Thousands of people have been paid in gift cards from their favorite brands:

How does it work?

It’s very simple.

Companies pay for you to test their services.

This is what they call “deals”.

We’re giving you access to these deals so you can collect up to $750 to spend at SHEIN.

Click on the button below to access the deals :

How can you start earning your $750 worth of SHEIN items?

Just follow these 4 steps:


  • Sign up: Click on the link HERE and take Flash Rewards’ mini-quiz.


  • Choose the deals you like best: Take the time to select the deals that will take you the least amount of time and energy to complete.


  • Complete the Deals: Complete the « deals » you have selected to redeem your coupons at SHEIN.


  • Claim your rewards: Verify your identity and get your rewards !


Who would not be interested ?

We are !

And if you do so, click the button below to sign up for the Flash Rewards program: